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+86 15955032233
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TEL:+86 15955032233

410 stainless steel scourer for kitchen cleaning

  • Quality stability: the implementation of the whole process of quality monitoring, meticulous, all-round testing!
  • Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reduce expenditure, make for customers!
  • Fast delivery: advanced production line, sufficient stock, shorten the delivery time!
  • TEL:+86 15955032233
  • FAX:00860550-7024176

The role of the cleaning ball is decontamination, usually used for detergent can not wash off, shovel not clean stubborn dirt. The cleaning ball is more convenient and cheaper than the special detergent. Can wash wash one's hands basin, tub, floor, hearth to wait, wait especially the place that gas stove has scale and oily dirt. There are two main types of cleaning balls, plastic cleaning balls and steel wire cleaning balls.

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