30 2020-04
Good inductance PQ core material should have what requirements?

Believe that the contact or understanding of the inductance PQ magnetic core people know, the use o…[More]

30 2020-04
PQ magnetic core surface appears bright spot, how to prevent or treat?

Magnetic core surface appears bright spot, is crystallization? If so, how to prevent or deal with it? Surface sparry basically belongs to surface crystallization, and there are two reasons for surf……[More]

30 2020-04
About the selection of magnetic core

The magnetic ring that we normally see at one or both ends of the power or signal line of an electronic device is the common-mode choke coil. The common mode choke coil can form a large impedance to t……[More]

30 2020-04
Why are cores different from magnets?

Question: why are cores different from magnets?Long-term magnet is hard magnetic material, i.e. the magnetism is almost constant, don't change with the external conditions (normal). Its magnetic ……[More]

30 2020-04
What are the characteristics of ferrite PQ cores

The higher the permeability of ferrite PQ core, th…[More]

30 2020-04
Anticorrosive flowmeter should pay attention to the following points

In a lot of equipment and meters are used in the a…[More]

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