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2020-04-30PQ magnetic core surface appears bright spot, how to prevent or treat?

Magnetic core surface appears bright spot, is crystallization? If so, how to prevent or deal with it……[Know More]

2020-04-30Good inductance PQ core material should have what requirements?

Believe that the contact or understanding of the inductance PQ magnetic core people know, the use of……[Know More]

2020-04-30About the selection of magnetic core

The magnetic ring that we normally see at one or both ends of the power or signal line of an electro……[Know More]

2020-04-30Why are cores different from magnets?

Question: why are cores different from magnets?Long-term magnet is hard magnetic material, i.e. the ……[Know More]

2020-04-30What are the characteristics of ferrite PQ cores

The higher the permeability of ferrite PQ core, th…[Know More]

2020-04-30Anticorrosive flowmeter should pay attention to the following points

In a lot of equipment and meters are used in the a…[Know More]

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