Stainless steel electromagnetic flowmeter

LEBXG stainless steel electromagnetic flowmeter ad


LEBXG stainless steel electromagnetic flowmeter adopted new type health lining material and lining process, in line with the hygiene requirements of food industry, at the same time, adopt the stainless steel shell and stainless steel clamp connection, convenient rapid disassembly, cleaning of electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter in use process is not easy to be polluted, and can effectively prevent measure fluid residue accumulation in the measuring tube can be widely used in mineral water, soy sauce, jam, beer, juice, rice wine, milk and other food production process, health, chemical industry, etc.

The main technical performance indexes of the sanitary clamped electromagnetic flowmeter

Nominal size: DN10~DN200mm

Nominal pressure: 0.25mpa ~ 1.6mpa

Precision: ±0.2% ±0.5%(error of indication)

Measurement range: 0.01~10m/s

Lining material: PFA

Electrode material: stainless steel OCrl8Nil2Mo2Ti, hasteley alloy B, C, titanium Ti, tantalum (Ta), stainless steel coated tungsten carbide, special

Medium temperature: ordinary rubber lining: -20 ~ +60℃ high temperature rubber lining: -20 ~ +90℃ high temperature rubber lining: -20 ~ +90℃ high temperature teflon lining: -20 ~ +180℃

Connection: ISO standard quick connection

Conductivity of tested medium: >20 S/cm

Protection grade: IP68, IP65 (optional)

The output current frequency output: 4 ~ 20 ma (load resistance Ω 500 or less); Frequency output: 1-2000hz

Digital interface: RA232, RS485, HART, etc. (optional)