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Capacitive vortex flowmeter

Vortex street flowmeterLUGBCapacitive vortex flowm
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Vortex street flowmeter

LUGB Capacitive vortex flowmeter With advanced technology, coupled with isolation, shielding and filtering measures, the problems of poor aseismic performance and small signal data of similar products have been overcome. Special sensor packaging technology and protective measures have been adopted to ensure the reliability of products. The product has two basic and compound types, basic type survey sheet. * It can measure temperature, pressure and flow at the same time.Each type has an integrated and split structure to accommodate different installation environments.

Two, technology Parameter comparison table:

Nominal diameter(mm)

Twenty-five , Forty , Fifty , Sixty-five , Eighty , One hundred , One hundred and twenty-five , One hundred and fifty , Two hundred , Two hundred and fifty , 300---------

Nominal pressure(MPa)

DN25-DN200 4 (>4.0) Agreement supply ) , DN250-DN300 1.6 (>1.6)Agreement supply )

Medium temperature (Temperature )

Piezoelectric: -40 ~ Two hundred and sixty , -40 ~ Three hundred and twenty ;

Capacitor type: -40 ~ 300, -40 ~ Four hundred , -40 ~ Four hundred and fifty (agreement order)

Material of Ontology

1Cr18Ni9Ti , ( Other materials agreement supply )

Allowable vibration acceleration

Piezoelectric 0.2g Capacitive type 1 ~ 2.0g

Jing Accuracy

+ 1%R , + 1.5%R , + 1FS


One : Six ~ One : Thirty

Power supply voltage


output signal

Electric current: Four ~ 20mA

Pressure loss coefficient

accord with JB/T9249 standard Cd less than 2.4

Explosion proof sign

Intrinsically safe: Exd II IA CT2-CT5 Flameproof: Exd II CT2-CT5

Protection level

Ordinary type IP65 Diving type IP68

environment condition

temperature -20 C ~ Fifty-five Temperature, relative humidity 5% ~ 90%Atmospheric pressure Eighty-six ~ 106kPa

Applicable medium

Gas, liquid, steam

Load resistance

Two wire transmitter (4 ~ 20mA) Load resistor Less than 750 Omega

Three. Vortex flowmeter Characteristic

One Low power consumption CPU The central processing unit and LCD display have low power consumption.

Two It is easy to install, convenient to maintain, and has a long verification period, usually two years.

Three The utility model has the advantages of simple and firm structure, no movable parts, and reliable operation in long term.

Four Wide range: normal range. One : Ten Range ratio is reachable. One : Fifteen 。

Five The pressure loss is low, and the running cost is low.

Six In a certain Reynolds number range, the output signal is not affected by the physical properties and components of the measured medium. The meter coefficient is only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator.

Seven It can be displayed on the spot, can also be transmitted remotely, and can also be networked with computer control system.

Eight The probe is not directly contacted with the tested medium, and the performance is more stable.

Nine The integrated design of temperature and pressure compensation and current output are photoelectric isolating type, and have good ability to resist common mode interference suppression.

Four. Capacitive vortex flowmeter Key points of selection

Correct selection can ensure better use of vortex flowmeter. What type of vortex flowmeter should be chosen depends on the physical and chemical properties of the fluid medium. ? Make the vortex flowmeter's path, flow range, lining material, electrode material and output current. ? It can meet the requirements of the nature of the measured fluid and the flow measurement.

One Precision function check

The accuracy grade and function should be selected according to the measurement requirements and the occasion of application, so as to achieve economic cost. For example, for trade settlement, product transfer and energy metering, high accuracy level should be selected. One Class, Zero point five Grade or higher level ; For process control, choose according to control requirements. Same accuracy grade ; Some are just checking the process flow, no need to do it. JingIn case of exact control and measurement, you can choose a slightly lower accuracy level, such as One point five Class,Two point five Grade, or even Four At that time, low cost plug-in vortex flowmeter can be selected.

Two Measurable medium

Measurement of medium velocity, instrument range and caliber When measuring general medium, the full scale of vortex flowmeter The flow rate can be measured in the medium. 0.5 - 12m/s Within limits The scope of selection is wide.Selecting instrument specifications ( caliber ) Different The same as the process piping, it should be considered whether the flow range is measured. It is determined in the velocity range, that is, when the pipe velocity is low, it can not meet the requirements of the flow meter or the measurement accuracy under this velocity. When the accuracy is not guaranteed, it is necessary to narrow the caliber of the instrument. The flow rate of the executives is satisfactory.

Three Selection of vortex flow transmitter

In saturated steam measurement VA Because of the wide range of the vortex flowmeter, the flow rate of saturated steam is generally lower than that of the vortex flowmeter. In other words, the flow velocity of the vortex flow must not be lower than that of the vortex flowmeter. 5m/s 。 According to the size of the steam consumption, the vortex flow transmitter with different diameters is selected, and the diameter of the transmitter can not be selected by the existing process pipe diameter.

Four Selection of pressure compensated pressure transmitter

Because the saturated steam pipeline is long and the pressure fluctuates greatly, pressure compensation must be used. Considering the corresponding relationship between pressure, temperature and density, pressure compensation is only used in the measurement, because the saturated vapor pressure of the pipeline is 0.3-0.7MPa Range and range selection of pressure transmitters 1MPa Yes.

Five Display instrument selection

The intelligent flow meter of display instrument has the functions of steady voltage compensation, instantaneous flow display and cumulative flow accumulation.

Five. Vortex flowmeter product selection





Code name

Installation mode




Card mounted

Flange type

Insertion type

Code name

Measured medium







Code name

Flow probe material



Three hundred and four

Three hundred and sixteen

Code name

Sensor material



Three hundred and four

Three hundred and sixteen

Code name

Accuracy grade



One level

One point five level

Code name

signal output









Four - 20Ma (two wire system)

Four 20 MA (three wire system)

RS485 communication

RS485 Modbus


Frequency output

Field display

4-20mA+ Frequency +RS485

Code name

Temperature and pressure compensation



No temperature compensation

Temperature and pressure compensation

Code name





Normal temperature type

Medium temperature type

High temperature type

Code name

Pressure grade









Code name

Power supply



3.6V Battery powered

DC24V Power supply

Code name

Protection level



IP65 No explosion proof

IP65 Explosion proof

Note: insert type vortex flowmeter is recommended for DN300 above calibre, and can be customized.

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