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Layered water injection optimization device

System features:It has two working modes: constant voltage and constant current;Constant voltage mod…
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  • TEL:+86 15955032233
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System features:

It has two working modes: constant voltage and constant current;

Constant voltage mode can be adopted when the measuring and adjusting instrument is adjusted to prevent interlayer interference;

When the water injection device operates normally, the constant flow mode is adopted to control the flow of each layer by controlling the total flow;

The working differential pressure range is wide, and the differential pressure range of 0.5MPa ~ 4ompa can realize the accurate control of various flows;

Fully automatic regulation, without manual control of hand valve;

485modbus communication is adopted, which can not only be networked with Oilfield Information System to realize remote control, but also be controlled locally by touch screen;

The skid mounted structure with solar cells can be used in the Institute without electric field.

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